Seattle-Area Real Estate Prices by Link Light Rail Stop

It's no secret home prices are rising throughout the Seattle area, but Estately wanted to see how home prices vary depending on which Link light rail stop a home is near. To do this, Estately analyzed the last six months of home sales for houses, townhouses, and condos within a one mile radius of each current light rail stop, as well as those currently under construction, and stops that are planned and funded.

With a median home price of $605 per square foot, both the University Street stop and the Pioneer Square stop in Seattle were the most expensive. The Tukwila International Boulevard stop and the SeaTac/Airport stop were the least expensive at $178 per square foot.

In November, local voters will decide whether to approve ST3, a comprehensive transit plan which would add 62 new miles of light rail and 37 additional light rail stations, as well as other transportation options to the Puget Sound area.

To see how the Seattle area compares to other metropolitan areas, check out our continuing series of transit maps: Bay Area, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and Washington, DC.

Seattle Area Home Prices by Transit Stop

Top ten most expensive Seattle stops

Stop name Median sale price Price per square foot Homes for sale nearby
Pioneer Square $538,000 $605 Pioneer Square
University Street $490,000 $605 Downtown Seattle
Westlake Station $460,000 $588 Downtown Seattle
Bellevue Downtown $775,000 $536 Downtown Bellvue
East Main $695,000 $529 West Bellevue
Spring District/120th $775,000 $526 Wilburton
Wilburton $775,000 $525 Wilburton
Capitol Hill $505,100 $524 Capitol Hill
International District/Chinatown $415,000 $464 Downtown Seattle

Top ten least expensive Seattle stops

Stop name Median sale price Price per square foot Homes for sale nearby
SeaTac/Airport $275,000 $178 Seatac
Tukwila International Blvd $339,950 $178 Thorndyke
Kent/Des Moines $275,000 $182 Kent
Lynwood $324,000 $203 Lynnwood
Angle Lake $274,950 $204 Seatac
Rainier Beach $366,888 $228 Beacon Hill
Othello $406,250 $240 Rainier Valley
Mountlake Terrace $349,900 $240 Town Center
NE 145th Street $405,000 $263 Northgate
NE 185th Street $415,500 $269 Shoreline

The map below shows the median sale price for homes within a mile of each stop instead of the price per square foot. Obviously, there are more condos sold in downtown Seattle and Bellevue, while outlying areas have more houses and townhouses.

Seattle Area Home Median Prices by Transit Stop