Washington, D.C. Transit Stop Affordability

When buying a D.C. home, location is everything, particularly when it comes to proximity to the Metro. That’s why Estately created this map showing the median home price for each Metro stop. To determine this, Estately analyzed the last six months of home sales within a one-mile radius of each of the D.C. area’s Metro stops. Our analysis shows Bethesda Metro Station ($882,500) to be the most expensive stop in terms of real estate, and Naylor Road Metro Station ($143,000) to be the least expensive.

While most Metro stops were priced similarly to their neighbors, there were a few where there was a huge jump in price. The median home price near Medical Center Metro Station is $755,000, but riders that remain on the Red Line for one more stop would pay $386,000 for a home near Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station. In fact, the $369,000 saved would be enough to buy two homes around the Suitland Metro Station on the Green Line.

Overall, the Red Line is home to the area’s most expensive stops, and the Green Line the most affordable. The Silver, Orange, and Blue Lines had stops in both the top and bottom ten.

Top ten most expensive stops

Stop name Lines Median sale price Avg commute to
city center (min)
Homes for sale nearby
Bethesda Metro Station $882,500 30 Bethesda
Tenleytown Metro Station $839,950 25 Tenlytown
Friendship Heights Metro Station $805,000 26 Friendship Heights
Medical Center Metro/Naval Med Ctr & NIH $755,000 32 Chevy Chase
East Falls Church Metro Station $740,000 29 East Falls Church
Eastern Market Metro Station $685,000 6 Southeast Washington
Capitol South Metro Station $652,450 4 Southeast Washington
West Falls Church Metro $650,000 30 Falls Church
Potomac Ave Metro $646,000 8 Southeast Washington
Rosslyn Metro Station $640,000 10 Radnor - Fort Myer Heights
Washington DC Transit Stop Affordability Transit Map

Top ten least expensive stops

Stop name Lines Median sale price Avg commute to
city center (min)
Homes for sale nearby
Naylor Road Metro Station $143,000 15 Hillcrest Heights
Largo Town Center Metro Station $159,000 24 Lake Arbor
Suitland Metro Station $168,000 17 Suitland
Landover Metro Station $175,000 20 Landover
Addison Road Metro Station $175,000 18 Walker Mill
New Carrollton Metro Station $179,000 23 New Carrollton
Southern Ave Metro Station $193,000 12 Hillcrest Heights
Capitol Heights Metro Station $199,450 15 Capitol Heights
Branch Ave Metro Station $200,000 20 Suitland
Deanwood Metro Station $211,550 15 Northeast Washington

Washington DC Transit Home Affordability Map

Home affordability mapped over Washington DC Metrorail transit routes

Washington DC Transit Stop Affordability Heat Map