Estately for Agents

Buyers and sellers are looking for great agents on Estately

Estately partners with a small number of fantastic agents in every market. If you are an experienced, local expert who is passionate about customer service and gets outstanding reviews from your clients, we'd like to learn more about you.

Registration is quick and free!

Backed by a trusted brand

Estately Agents are provided with great support and the brand recognition that results from our incredible web presence — all with low splits and tons of flexibility for our agents. Novices need not apply: Estately keeps costs low and maintains our awesome reputation by only working with seasoned, proven, experienced, top agents.

Work With Us As a Referral-based Partner Agent*

When an Estately client completes a transaction, we charge you a referral fee. There are no setup fees or monthly costs—you can apply and work with Estately clients at no charge—we only make money if our clients buy or sell a home with you.

Good Clients

  • Smart Clients. Estately's clients have been looking on the internet—they know what they want
  • Clients want to work with you. Clients reached out to us to see a home or ask a question—we never force registration (these aren't "leads")
  • Customer service rewarded. We survey every referral and use the feedback to give you referrals in the future
  • Do what you do best. Spend more time working with clients and less time finding clients
  • Be a favorite. Estately's best agents are selling 1-3 homes a month

Great Agents Only

Estately for Agents has some guidelines:

  • You are experienced. You have been in the industry at least 3 years (5 years is preferred)
  • You come recommended. You can provide references from previous clients upon request
  • You accept feedback. We will collect feedback about you from every referral and will share this feedback with future referrals

Click the Register button and tell us about yourself—where you work and how you work with buyers and sellers. Please be specific! We’ll use this information to decide if you are right for us and to identify you when Estately clients ask to see a home.

We’ll call you to get some additional information from you.

Registration is quick and free! Read the FAQ if you still have questions.

* Estately’s brokers work exclusively with team members in select markets including Wisconsin and Indiana. We appreciate inquiries about receiving referrals from us in these markets and we want to help you grow your business in those markets, but only as an Estately team member. Learn more on our FAQ.