Frequently Asked Questions

Estately’s Referral-Based Partner Agents

How will I be matched with clients?

We’ll match you based on your expertise, the area you specialize in, and the quality of your feedback. The more closely your profile matches a customer profile, the more likely you are to be matched with them. Good feedback from previous transactions with Estately customers means you will be offered more customers on Estately (we like happy clients!).

I meet most of my clients through referrals and word of mouth—will Estately be worth it?

You’re exactly the kind of real estate agent we work with. Our clients are looking for a real estate agent who is perfect for them, who will wow them with their professionalism, and who they will stay with for life. If you can accept a few more clients a year, we can match you with clients who want to work with you.

Where do these clients come from?

Home buyers and sellers use Estately to look for properties and comparables until they are in need of expert advice. When they need expert advice, they come to us to find an agent or to see a property.

Can any agent join Estately for Agents?

Any agent can join, but we may not refer clients to you until we can be sure you meet our criteria for being a great agent. We are assembling a team of client-focussed rock star agents and we want to be sure you are up to snuff.

Will I have to buy "leads" from Estately?

Absolutely not. We match our clients with agents based on how well the agent's expertise matches the client's needs and how well the agent has performed in the past. We do not sell client names or contact information.

How much does it cost?

Meeting and speaking to clients is free with Estately. When you sign up, you agree to pay a referral fee on any commissions received from clients matched through Estately.

How many clients will I be asked to work with per month?

Estately won't guarantee you a certain number of requests a month. If we have a lot of customers in your area and in your area of expertise, you will receive more requests.

Why haven't I been matched with a client yet?

When you fill out your profile, you should really describe the kind of client you work with: usually agents who aren't matched have profiles that are general. Clients with specific needs are matched with agents who have more specific profiles.