26 reasons living in a tiny home is great

If you ever stepped into a shed and thought, “I’d like to live here,” then a tiny home might be right for you. What the upsides of living in a tiny home? Estately compiled a list of 26 things that are great about living in a tiny home.

  1. With a tiny home, you can make a sandwich and take a shower at the same time. That’s efficient.
  2. You’re going to save time looking for your misplaced keys because there are only a few places to look. 
  3. If the call is coming from within the house, you’re going to know.
  4. Because tiny homes are eco-friendly, you’ll feel better about yourself when eating dolphin steak bites off of paper plates.
  5. No space for in-laws to spend the night.
  6. If you want to fill your home with puppies, it will be far easier with a tiny home.
  8. Every party you host will appear packed even if only a couple people come.
  9. You will develop a greater appreciation for how those serving on U.S. Navy submarines live.
  10. Only takes one roach bomb to neutralize every roach in the entire house.
  11. Nobody will look at the size of your house and think you’re trying to compensate for something.
  12. Tiny house = great excuse to not get a cat.
  13. Perfect excuse to spend more time outside grilling.
  14. No need to clean the house before company comes over because company isn’t coming over.
  15. If you get tired of living in a tiny house, you can just turn it into a drive-thru espresso stand.
  16. No matter how small your house is, Jesus loves you just the same.
  17. Thankfully, there’s no space for decorative pillows, signs in the kitchen that read “EAT,” or those strange, or decorative ball accent pieces.
  18. Good way to determine if you have what it takes to be an RV person.
  19. If you paint your nails you’ll get high with a little help from the nail polish and the tiny, confined space.
  20. Vacuuming the whole house takes less than a minute.
  21. Great excuse to box up much of your possessions and store them at your parents’ house again.
  22. Think of all the money you’ll save on utilities that you will inevitably spend on activities to get the hell out of your cramped, tiny house.
  23. Because of their size, tiny homes are easy to move, which means you drop it in people’s backyards until they get sick of you and tell you to leave.
  24. Don’t need to feel bad about losing at carnival games because you don’t have space for a giant stuffed animal if you won one anyway.
  25. If some violent inmates bust out of prison, and are looking for a place to hide out, they’ll probably choose a tiny house last.
  26. You can probably carpet the whole place with a patchwork collection of free carpet samples.

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