Estately transforms the mysterious world of real estate into a delightful, light-filled, open experience.

Whether you are a home shopper obsessed with nitty gritty details, maps, past sales, walkscores, and local schools, or a curious neighbor, Estately provides a delightful home shopping resource.


Doug and Galen were each frustrated with their search. They shopped for everything on the internet, but when it came to looking for a place to live, no website was easy to use, had every single home for sale, and just worked.

So they set out to make something better.


What's it like to shop with Estately?

When you're ready to go offline and connect with a professional, Estately is a great choice. Estately's team of experienced industry professionals carefully selects, interviews, trains, and monitors every Estately broker, Estately agent and Estately Partner Agent so you don’t have to.

Where can I find a home with Estately?

Washington, California, Illinois, New York, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, New Jersey, Vermont, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, Ohio, Minnesota, and New Hampshire.

Where do you get your properties for sale?

Estately is a member of a bunch of Multiple Listing Services (MLSes), which means we share listing information with hundreds of brokerages all over the country. Wherever possible, we update our database every 30 minutes to ensure that we can show you properties the moment they’re listed.

Are your listings current?

We download updates from most MLSes at least 4 times a day, so you can be confident that you are seeing listings as they come on the market.

Our Brokerages

Estately is a little different from the competition. We don't sell your contact information to the highest bidder and we are selective about our team members. We work with a small number of high-quality agents who put the customer first and provide exceptional customer service for every client. Our Brokers

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There’s so much more to buying a home than price. Estately's blog explores local culture, humor, and exotic homes. Take a breather and bring some flare to your home shopping search. Read the blog


Estately is reinventing how people buy and sell homes. Through a combination of technology and handpicked, customer-focused agents, Estately makes buying the right home easy.

Based in Seattle, Washington, the Estately team is made up of experienced real estate professionals and engineers with a passion for making buying and selling a home simpler and better.

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