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We’re here to make shopping for your next home easier, and a little more fun, too. We’re obsessed with a few things:

  • Fast listing updates. We know the early bird catches the house, so we make it a priority to update our property information literally as fast as we can.
  • Finding good local agents. If you want to tour a home, we’ll connect you with a great local agent. We’re kind of like a matchmaking service for agents and buyers, but not in a scary Tinder sort of way. We only pick agents who we’d recommend to our friends—the honest, not-pushy sorts, and we only keep the agents who get great reviews from our clients.
  • Building a great home search experience. We try to give you what matters and leave out the rest. Did we miss something? Send us feedback. We read it all.
  • Our #lunch Slack channel. Lunch is serious around here.

Founded in 2008, we’re a small team based in Seattle, WA.

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How is Estately different from other real estate sites?
We focus on connecting people with the best real estate agents we can find in any given area, and we’ve created a network of over 1,000 partner agents. Unlike some of the big real estate sites, we aren’t ad-based, so agents don’t pay to be on our property pages. We’ll only connect clients with agents we’d want to use ourselves. Our agents are on your side, not the seller’s. We focus on creating a simple experience with just the information you need, and we’re obsessive about updating our listings as fast as possible.
What happens when I schedule a tour?
We’ll connect you with a great, local buyer’s agent to help you tour the home. They’ll call you to set up the tour. If you like the agent we match you with, you can keep working with them through the rest of your home search. It’s free to you! If you aren’t sure about the agent we find for you, you can always request to try a different one, or you can find another agent on your own. We want you to find the right agent for you and your needs.
Is touring a home really free? How does Estately make money?
Yep! There are no added costs to you for working with one of our agents. We take a small percentage of the buyer’s agent commission, which is already typically baked into a real estate transaction.
How do you choose your agents?
Every agent in our network goes through a thorough interview, onboarding, and follow-up process. We don’t care what brokerage they work for—we simply pick the best ones we can find in a given area. We screen every agent’s qualifications and experience—they all have at least 3 years of experience and positive references from previous clients. Then we interview each agent to make sure they are a good fit. Once they become a part of our network, we only keep the agents who get good feedback from our clients.
What’s a buyer’s agent and why would I want one?

A buyer’s agent helps the buyer, not the seller. We recommend that clients work with buyer’s agents for a few reasons:

  1. You’ll have someone on your side and fighting for your best interests, not the seller’s. Would you want a lawyer who represents the plaintiff and the defendant? No! A good buyer’s agent will point out problems in your best interest.

  2. You can tour multiple houses on the same trip. If you work with only listing agents, you’ll have to book appointments with each house you want to tour. That is a lot of scheduling, but a buyer’s agent will take care of it all for you.

  3. A good one will guide you through the process. If you’re a first time home-buyer, or even a repeat buyer, it’s helpful to have someone walk you through the process. A buyer’s agent can make sure you take care of all the steps in order and help recommend people to use along the way for inspections and mortgage.

I’m an agent. How do I sign up?
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What states does Estately cover?
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Where do you get your properties for sale?
Estately is a member of a bunch of Multiple Listing Services (MLSes), which means we share listing information with hundreds of brokerages all over the country. Wherever possible, we update our database every 30 minutes to ensure that we can show you properties the moment they’re listed.




Estately seeks to increase the ratio of women and underrepresented minorities in software engineering and development, we encourage women and people from underrepresented groups to apply for this position.

Estately is striving to be a diverse team, made of and built by people with different backgrounds and lifestyles. We don’t discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, religion, color, or any other group.


Estately is reinventing how people buy and sell homes. Through a combination of technology and handpicked, customer-focused agents, Estately makes buying the right home easy.

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Estately is a little different from the competition. We don’t sell your contact information to the highest bidder and we are selective about our team members. We work with a small number of high-quality agents who put the customer first and provide exceptional customer service for every client.

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