The Most Surprisingly-Named Elected Officials in Each State

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You may know that Estately is a great site and app for finding your dream home, but did you know Estately is also working to bring America together as a nation? It’s true. Even in these politically polarizing times, we believe there are things that people from all ends of the political spectrum can find common ground on, primarily that there are a lot of strange and hilarious names of elected officials across this country.

We’ve mapped out our favorites above, and included a much more complete list of all the bizarre and surprising names below. We hope it’s something political you can share on Facebook or Twitter that won’t lead to hurt feelings, angry comments, or Grandaddy cutting you out of the will.

ALABAMA:  Luther Strange (U.S. Senator), Randy Wood (State Rep.), Dickie Drake (State Rep.), Rich Wingo (State Rep.), Pebblin W. Warren (State Rep.), Chris Pringle (State Rep), Shay Shelnutt (State Senator), Dick Brewbaker (State Senator), Trip Pittman (State Senator), Rusty Glover (State Senator), Young Boozer (State Treasurer)

ALASKA:  Click Bishop (State Senator)

ARIZONA:  Jeff Flake (U.S. Senator), Andy Biggs (U.S. Rep), Kyrsten Sinema (U.S. Rep), Todd Clodfelter (State Rep.), Phil Lovas (State Rep.), Becky A. Nutt (State Rep.), Don Shooter (State Rep.)

ARKANSAS:  John Boozman (U.S. Senator), French Hill (U.S. Rep.), David Branscum (State Rep.), Trevor Drown (State Rep.), Jack Ladyman (State Rep.), Bill Sample (State Senator), Nelda Speaks (State Rep.)

CALIFORNIA:  Tom Berryhill (State Senator), Scott D. Wiener (State Senator), Frank Bigelow (Assembly Member), Susan Talamantes Eggman (Assembly Member), Bill Quirk (Assembly Member)

COLORADO:  Doug Lamborn (U.S. Rep), Ed Perlmutter (U.S. Rep), Kim Ransom (State Rep.), John Hickenlooper (Governor)

CONNECTICUT:  White Betts (State Rep.), Holly Cheeseman (State Rep.), Laura Hoydick (State Rep.), Brenda Kupchick (State Rep.), Derek Slap (State Rep.), Mark Tweedie (State Rep.), Lezllye Zupkus (State Rep.)

DELAWARE:  Lisa Blunt Rochester (U.S. Rep), Brian Pettyjohn (State Senator), Daniel B. Short (State Rep.)

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Eleanor Norton (Delegate to the House of Representatives) She has no voting privileges and her name isn’t funny name at all, but if D.C. gets left out we’ll hear a bunch of whining in the comments.

FLORIDA:  Ted Yoho (U.S. Rep.), Bill Posey (U.S. Rep.), Dane Eagle (State Rep.), Cary Pigman (State Rep.), Mel Ponder (State Rep.)

GEORGIA:  Barry Loudermilk (U.S. Rep.), Casey Cagle (Lt. Governor), Paul Battles (State Rep.), Buzz Brockway (State Rep.), Matt Dollar (State Rep.), Bubber Epps (State Rep.), Clay Pirkle (State Rep.), Regina Quick (State Rep.), “Able” Mable Thomas (State Rep.), Steve Gooch (State Rep.), John F. Kennedy (State Rep.)

HAWAII:  Colleen Hanabusa (U.S. Rep.), Brickwood Galuteria (State Senator)

IDAHO:  Michael Crapo (U.S. Senator), Butch Otter (Governor), Sue Chew (State Rep.), Dustin Manwaring (State Rep.)

ILLINOIS:  Cheri Bustos (U.S. Rep.), John Shimkus (U.S. Rep.), Allen Skillicorn (State Rep.), Ronald Kouchi (State Senator),

INDIANA:  Phil Boots (State Senator), Randy Head (State Senator), Chip Perfect (State Senator), Ronald Bacon (State Rep.), Charlie Brown (State Rep.), Mike Speedy (State Rep.)

IOWA:  Chuck Grassley (U.S. Senator), David Loebsack (U.S. Rep), Chip Baltimore (State Rep.), Sandy Salmon (State Rep.), Larry Sheets (State Rep.)—everyone wants a Larry in the sheets.

KANSAS:  Sam Brownback (Governor), John Doll (State Senator), Dennis Pyle (State Senator), Stan Frownfelter (State Rep.), Boog Highberger (State Rep.), Cindy Neighbor (State Rep.), Tom Sawyer (State Rep.), Sean Tarwater (State Rep.), Brandon Whipple (State Rep.)

KENTUCKY:  James Comer (U.S. Rep.), Regina Bunch (State Rep.), Stan Lee (State Rep.), Rick Girlder (State Senator)

LOUISIANA:  Billy Nungesser (Lt. Governor), Mike Strain (Commissioner of Agriculture & Forestry), Reid Falconer (State Rep.), Katrina Jackson (State Rep.), Mack “Bodi” White (State Senator)

MAINE:  Chellie Pingree (U.S. Rep.), Patricia Hymanson (State Rep.), Pinny Beebe-Center (State Rep.), Ryan Tipping (State Rep.), Brownie Carson (State Senator), David Woodsome (State Senator)

MARYLAND: Guy Guzzone (State Senator), Justin Ready (State Senator), Charles Barkley (State Delegate), Jazz Lewis (State Delegate), Herb McMillan (State Delegate), Neil Parrot (State Delegate), Sid Saab (State Delegate), Haven Shoemaker (State Delegate)

MASSACHUSETTS:  Seth Moulton (U.S. Rep.), Suzane Bump (State Auditor), Cynthia Creem (State Senator), Ryan Fattman (State Senator), Eric Lesser (State Senator), Michael Moore (State Senator), Ruth Balser (State Rep.), Tackey Chan (State Rep.), Denise Garlick (State Rep.), Rady Mom (State Rep.), Angelo Puppolo (State Rep.), Susannah Whipps (State Rep.)

MICHIGAN:  Gary Peters (U.S. Senator), Debbie Dingell (U.S. Rep), Phillip Pavlov (State Senator), John Proos (State Senator), Klint Kesto (State Rep.), Roger Victory (State Rep.)

MINNESOTA:  Jenifer Loon (State Rep.), Dave Pinto (State Rep.), Matt Bliss (State Rep.), Scott Dibble (State Senator), Paul Gazelka (State Senator), Bobby Joe Champion (State Senator)

MISSISSIPPI:  Manly Barton (State Rep.), Larry Byrd (State Rep.), Bubba Carpenter (State Rep.), Angela Cockerham (State Rep.), Steve Massengill, America Chuck Middleton (State Rep.), Randy Rushing (State Rep.), Jolly Russell (State Senator)

MISSOURI:  Roy Blunt (U.S. Senator), Emanuel Cleaver II (U.S. Rep.), Kiki Curls (State Senator), Joe Runions (State Rep.), Nate Tate (State Rep.), Sarah Unsicker (State Rep.)

MONTANA:  John Tester (U.S. Senator), Becky Beard (State Rep.), Edward Buttrey (State Senator), Moffie Funk (State Rep.), Bruce Grubbs (State Rep.), Derek Skees (State Rep.), Steve Bullock (Governor)

NEBRASKA:  Benjamin Sasse (U.S. Senator), Don Bacon (U.S. Rep.), Jeff Fortenberry (U.S. Rep.), Carol Blood (State Senator), Patty Pansing Brooks (State Senator), Pete Rickets (Governor)

NEVADA:  Skip Daly (Assemblyman), Michael C. Sprinkle (Assemblyman), Tick Segerblom (State Senator)

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Ann Kuster (U.S. Rep.), Ann Conboy (State Supreme Court Justice), Barbara Biggie (State Rep.), Skip Cleaver (State Rep.), Allison Nutting (State Rep.), Dick Patten (State Rep.), Chip Rice (State Rep.), Matthew Scruton (State Rep.), Regina Birdsell (State Senator)

NEW JERSEY:  Frank LoBiondo (U.S. Rep) (means The Blonde in Italian), Chris Brown (State Assemblyman), Brian Rumpf (State Assemblyman), Parker Space (State Assemblyman)

NEW MEXICO:  Rick Little (State Rep.), D. Wonda Johnson (State Rep.), Candie Sweetser (State Rep.)

NEW YORK:  Frank Skartados (State Assemblyman), Daniel Squadron (State Senator)

NORTH CAROLINA:  G.K Butterfield, Jr. (U.S. Rep.), Ted Budd (U.S. Rep.), Paul Newby (State Supreme Court Justice), Chad Barefoot (State Senator), Pricey Harrison (State Rep.), Mike Clampitt (State Rep.), Nelson Dollar (State Rep.)

NORTH DAKOTA:  Dick Dever (State Senate), Jim Dotzenrod (State Senate), David Rust (State Senate), Pamela Anderson (State Rep.), Randy Boehning (State Rep.), Gary Sukut (State Rep.), Ralph Kilzer (State Senator), Lonnie Laffen (State Senator)

OHIO:  Marcia Fudge (U.S. Rep.), Marlene Anielski (State Rep.), Nicholas Celebrezze (State Rep.), P. Scott Lipps (State Rep.), Larry Householder (State Rep.), Kevin Bacon (State Senate), Bill Beagle (State Senate)

OKLAHOMA: Todd Lamb (Lt. Governor), Greg Treat (State Senator), Kyle Loveless (State Senator), Scooter Park (State Rep.)

OREGON:  Mitch Greenlick (State Rep.), Ginny Burdick (State Senator), Rod Monroe (State Senator), Dallas Heard (State Rep.)

PENNSYLVANIA:  Lloyd Smucker (U.S. Rep.), Judith Schwank (State Senate), Ryan Bizzarro (State Rep.), Robert Godshall (State Rep.), Kate Klunk (State Rep.)

RHODE ISLAND:  Sheldon Whitehouse (U.S. Senator), Seth Magaziner (State Treasurer), Michael Chippendale (State Rep.), M. Teresa Paiva Weed (State Senator)

SOUTH CAROLINA:  Trey Gowdy (U.S. Rep.), Henry McMaster (Governor), Bill Chumley (State Rep.), Chip Huggins (State Rep.), J. Seth Whipper (State Rep.), Laurie Slade Funderburk (State Rep.), Bill Crosby (State Rep.)

SOUTH DAKOTA:  Mike Rounds (U.S. Senator), Taffy Howard (State Rep.), David Lust (State Rep.), Blake Curd (State Senator), Kevin Killer (State Senator)

TENNESSEE:  Bob Corker (U.S. Senator), Mae Beavers (State Senator), Rusty Crowe (State Senator), Randy McNally (Lt. Governor), Sheila Butt (State Rep.)

TEXAS:  Louie Gohmert (U.S. Rep.), Mac Thornberry (U.S. Rep.), Christi Craddick (Railroad Commissioner), Dustin Burrows (State Rep.), Tan Parker (State Rep.), Four Price (State Rep.), Lynn Stucky (State Rep.), Tony Tinderholt (State Rep.), Hugh Shine (State Rep.), Linda Koop (State Rep.)

UTAH:  Orrin Hatch (U.S. Senator), Curtis Bramble (State Senator), Robert Spendlove (State Rep.), Susan Pulsipher (State Rep.)

VERMONT:  Jim Condos (Sect. of State), Charles Conquest (State Rep.), Helen Head (State Rep.), Trevor Squirrel (State Rep.), Cynthia Weed (State Rep.)

VIRGINIA:  Bob Goodlatte (U.S. Rep.), Dave Brat (U.S. Rep.), Mark Dudenhefer (State Rep.), Eileen Filler-Corn (State Rep.), Mark Sickles (State Rep.), Tony Wilt (State Rep.)

WASHINGTON:  Vincent Buys (State Rep.), Jacquelin Maycumber (State Rep.), Mike Sells (State Rep.), Jim Honeyford (State Senator), Mark Mullet (State Senator), Kevin Ranker (State Senator)

WEST VIRGINIA:  Douglas Facemire (State Senator), Ryan Ferns (State Senator), Shawn Fluharty (State Rep.), Joshua Higginbotham (State Rep.), Eric Householder (State Rep.), Chad Lovejoy (State Rep.), Rodney Pyles (State Rep.)

WISCONSIN:  Glenn Grothman (U.S. Rep.), Van Wanggarrd (State Senator), Patience Roggensack (Chief Justice), Joel Kitchens (State Rep.), Sondy Pope (State Rep.), Amanda Stuck (State Rep.)

WYOMING:  Matt Mead (Governor), Bo Biteman (State Rep.), Tom Crank (State Rep.), Lars Lone (State Rep.), Bunky Loucks (State Rep.), Brian Boner (State Senator), Cale Case (State Senator)

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