Trump-Related Things Each State Googles More Frequently Than Any Other State

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Like a block of cheddar molding in the back of the fridge, Donald Trump is orange, horrifying and unqualified to be president. However, despite his blatant racism, incredible lies, and total fear mongering he remains a candidate for that office, and he also remains a topic Americans frequently Google.

Estately was curious how Americans differ in how they Google Donald Trump and Donald Trump-related topics so we did some research. First, we carefully chose a variety of terms and topics representing Trump business ventures, his various supporters, his many false statements and invented nicknames, the Trump-related questions people frequently search, and many more. We then ran them through Google Trends to measure which states search for these terms, topics and questions more than any other state.

ALABAMA:  Melania Trump nude / Donald Trump wife / death threat

ALASKA:  (nothing)

ARIZONA:  Birther / Trump bankruptcy

ARKANSAS:  Trump University BBB / Trump racist / Donald Trump on the issues / woman card / Ku Klux Klan (hate group that supports Trump)

CALIFORNIA:  Crazy Bernie / combover / Trump gaffe / KKK for Trump / Donald Trump orange / Donald Trump insane / Where to move if Trump wins? / Trump boycott Starbucks / Muslim database / What is wrong with Trump? / Did Obama found ISIS?

COLORADO:  conspiracy theory / Did Russia invade Ukraine?

CONNECTICUT:  Where is Crimea? / Paul Manafort (political advisor to Trump) / Trump hat / Trump fascist / Donald Trump policies / Trump IQ

DELAWARE:  Trump University / Khizr Khan speech / Donald Trump age / White lives matter

FLORIDA:  Little Marco / Trump failures / Hillary for prison shirt / the best words / Is Trump white?

GEORGIA:  tiny hands / Is Megyn Kelly a Democrat?

HAWAII:  Tila Tequila (TV personality, Trump supporter) / Miss Universe (beauty pageant Trump once partially owned), Miss Teen USA (beauty pageant Trump once partially owned) / TPP explained / sexual harassment

IDAHO:  Crooked Hillary / Make Donald Drumpf again / isolationism / militia / racists for Trump / Hillary Clinton indictment

ILLINOIS:  Dennis Rodman (former NBA player, Trump supporter) / Donald Trump fascist / What is NATO? / Who is in NATO? / Why is Trump orange? / Trump merchandise / Why do people vote for Trump?

INDIANA:  Is Trump a democrat? (tie w/ Tennessee) / Why should I vote for Trump? / Donald Trump jokes / Mike Pence (Governor of Indiana, Trump’s VP candidate) / Trump rally schedule

IOWA:  Paul Ryan endorsement / Donald Trump schedule / dog whistle / Trump intervention

KANSAS:  Kirstie Alley (actress, Jenny Craig spokesperson, Trump supporter)

KENTUCKY:  The Apprentice: You’re Fired! (a spinoff of The Apprentice shown on BBC) / Trump NRA speech

LOUISIANA:  David Duke / Obama birth certificate / Who is David Duke? / Trump rally violence

MAINE:  Neo-Nazism / draft evasion / Trump Steaks / Trump speech RNC / Trumpkin / Hillary Clinton FBI

MARYLAND:  Michelle Fields (journalist) / Omarosa Manigault (contestant on The Apprentice—Season 13, and Director of African-American outreach for Trump campaign) / Is Trump crazy? / Trump foreign policy / celebrities who endorse Trump

MASSACHUSETTS:  Goofy Elizabeth Warren / Trump Shuttle / Khizr Khan / Make Donald Drumpf / Melania Trump speech / Dangerous Donald / Is Hillary sick? / Republicans for Hillary / Muslim ban

MICHIGAN:  Ted Nugent (musician, Trump Supporter) / Is Trump racist? / Trump nickname

MINNESOTA:  (nothing)

MISSISSIPPI:  Aryan Brotherhood / Is Obama muslim?

MISSOURI:  Three Percenter Nation (self-described “patriot movement”)

MONTANA:  Megyn Kelly / TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) / Trump news/ narcissism / sociopath

NEBRASKA:  Richie Incognito (NFL player, bully, Trump supporter) / Was Scalia murdered? / #NeverTrump / spray tan

NEVADA:  Bankruptcy / Trump Airlines / Mike Tyson (former boxer, Trump supporter) / Donald Trump poll / “Bart to the Future” (episode of The Simpsons in which Trump becomes president of the U.S.) / Can Trump win? / sarcasm definition

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Vladimir Putin (image search) / Corey Lewandowski (former campaign manager for Donald Trump)/ Hillary for prison / never Trump / Donald Trump quotes / Bikers for Trump

NEW JERSEY:  What is Crimea? / Melania Trump / Tiffany Trump / Ivana Trump / Howard Stern / Trump: The Game / Trump plan / Trump Taj Mahal / Trump tax return / The Apprentice (reality TV show) / Muslim ban / Donald Trump birth certificate / How to stop Trump? / Muslims celebrating 9/11 (they weren’t) / hair transplant / Trump tax return / Women for Trump / Kayleigh McEnany (Trump supporter, CNN pundit)

NEW MEXICO:  Cheetos (orange-dusted snack food) / Trump rally

NEW YORK:  Donald Trump / Trump Twitter / Ivanka Trump / Low Energy Jeb / 1 for 38 Kasich / Trump hitler book / Roger Stone (political advisor to Trump) / The Trump Organization (international conglomerate company) / You’ve Been Trumped (2011 film) / Megyn Kelly blood / Will Donald Trump quit? / Is Trump a sociopath? / Who founded ISIS? / Trump penis joke

NORTH CAROLINA:  Trump draft dodger / Why is Donald Trump orange? / Many people are saying / TrumpSingles (dating site for Trump supporters) / Donald Trump action figure

NORTH DAKOTA:  White supremacy / white nationalism

OHIO:  Is Trump the antichrist? / Donald Trump movies / 2nd Amendment people

OKLAHOMA:  Gary Busey (actor, contestant on Celebrity Apprentice) / taco bowl / What is a sociopath? / Obama ISIS

OREGON:  Trump tiny hands

PENNSYLVANIA:  How to build a wall? / United States Football League (failed pro football league of which Donald Trump was an owner) / pathological liar

RHODE ISLAND:  Trump Vodka / Make America Great Again / Miss USA Pageant (annual beauty pageant Trump once owned) / Trump hands / Donald Trump news / Putin and Trump / Katy Tur (reporter) / Brachydactyly (an inherited condition that causes a shortening of the fingers)

SOUTH CAROLINA:  Donald Trump endorsements / Megyn Kelly Trump

SOUTH DAKOTA:  Reform Party (one of three political parties Trump has belonged to)

TENNESSEE:  Is Trump a democrat? (tie w/ Indiana) / “Lock her up” / Three Percenter / gun grab / make America white again

TEXAS:  well done steak / Trump hair meme / Is Trump a republican? / Why should I vote for Hillary? / Is Trump winning the election? / Jorge Ramos (Univision reporter forcibly removed from Trump press conference) / What happens if Trump wins? / When is the apocalypse? / carnival barker / Anyone but Trump / Nativism / How to bluff? / Hispanics for Trump

UTAH:  Lying Ted / Sean Hannity / Trump Mortgage / Who is voting for Trump?

VERMONT:  Trump hair / The Howard Stern Show / Trump: The Art of the Deal / electoral fraud / Make Donald Drumpf Again hat / John Oliver (comedian, TV show host) / Trump speech / Trump penis / Hillary Clinton emails /

VIRGINIA:  (nothing)

WASHINGTON:  Snopes Trump / toxic masculinity / Trump voodoo doll / Sara Palin Trump speech

WEST VIRGINIA:  Trump meme / WWE (pro wrestling company Donald Trump has appeared on) / Donald Trump age / Donald Trump running mate / Donald Trump tax plan / Donald Trump rally / sociopath definition / Easy Cheese (canned cheese product) / Who is Donald Trump?

WISCONSIN:  pants on fire / Politifact / Where is Slovenia?

WYOMING:  Melania Trump naked / 2012 Benghazi attack / Scalia murdered / Donald Trump debate / Trump Purple Heart

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