The Dad-Related Things Each State Googles More Than Any Other State

Ryan Nickum

Jun 15

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Google Dad Map

In honor of Father’s Day, Estately Real Estate Search set out to map the dad-related things people in each state Google more frequently than people in other states. To do this we ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends, including fictional dads from movies and TV shows, brands associated with dads, stereotypical dad interests and issues, and a variety of other dad-related things.

To be clear, the list below does not represent what each state Googles the most, it simply shows the dad-related searches each state Googles more frequently than the other 49 states and the District of Columbia.

ALABAMA:  man cave ideas / bass fishing / FOX News Channel / lawn mower / lawn mower parts / “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” (song by The Temptations) / Barbasol (shaving cream brand)

ALASKA:  Homer Simpson (fictional dad on TV show The Simpsons) / recreational fishing / fishing (TV genre) / Braveheart (1995 film) / NAPA (automotive chain store)

ARIZONA:  Jiffy Lube coupons / socks with sandals / Louie (American comedy series starring Louis C.K.) / trash day / trash pickup schedule / vasectomy reversal / daddy issues

ARKANSAS:   John Q (2002 film) / TV dinner / Eagles (rock band) 

CALIFORNIA:  “Who’s Your Daddy” (song by Toby Keith) / gadgets for dad / dad hat trend / cool dad gifts / nose trimmer / dad puns

COLORADO:  Crocs (shoe brand)

CONNECTICUT:  Atticus Finch (fictional dad in novel To Kill a Mockingbird) / Kramer vs. Kramer (1979 film) / directions

DELAWARE:  Mufasa (Simba’s dad in the movie The Lion King) / Meet the Parents (2000 film) / Dockers (clothing company) / Pep Boys (automotive chain store)

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  dad bods / Big Daddy Kane (rapper) / Scotch whisky / fiscal conservatism / smoking jacket

FLORIDA:  Father’s Day (tie w/ TX) / men’s cargo shorts

GEORGIA:  When is Father’s Day? / lawn mower repair / “Daddy Sang Bass” (song performed by Johnny Cash) / Father MC (rapper)

HAWAII:  The Lion King (1994 film) / Finding Nemo (2003 film) / Tommy Bahama shirts / midlife crisis

IDAHO:  Dollar Shave Club / vasectomy / Founding Fathers of the United States

ILLINOIS:  dad gift ideas / fathers’ rights movement

INDIANA:  Paternity law / Bieber paternity suit / Justin Bieber paternity / Curry 2 Low (new line of Steph Curry-endorsed dad shoes from UnderArmor) / Father Knows Best (American TV series) / Father Time

IOWA:  Dan Conner (fictional dad on TV show Roseanne) / Parenthood (1989 film) / woodworking plans / FitBit / Field of Dreams (1989 film) / My Two Dads (American sitcom)


KENTUCKY:  step dad (stepdad misspelled) / lower back pain / father quotes / manual transmission

LOUISIANA:  paternity test / back hair / George Jefferson (fictional dad on TV show The Jeffersons) / Taken 2 (2012 film) / “Big Poppa” (song by Notorious B.I.G.)

MAINE:  arm wrestling / whittling / small engine repair / chainsaw

MARYLAND:  Tom Clancy (novelist) / hearing loss / tie rack

MASSACHUSETTS:  New Balance (shoe company) / sperm donor / bacon of the month club

MICHIGAN:  bowling / daddy daughter dance

MINNESOTA:  Charles Ingalls (fictional TV dad on Little House on the Prairie) / dad jeans / socks and sandals / golf simulator

MISSISSIPPI:  DNA paternity test / male enhancement pills / Fred G. Sanford (fictional dad on TV show Sanford and Son) / Daddy Day Care (2003 film) / Daddy Mack (1/2 of rap duo Kris Kross)

MISSOURI:  Major League Baseball / classic cars / O’Reilly Auto Parts (automotive chain store)

MONTANA:  hunting / geocaching / Bill O’Reilly (FOX News TV host) / Leatherman (multi tool) / “A Boy Named Sue” (song by Jonny Cash)

NEBRASKA:  dad jokes / natural male enhancement / men’s briefs / Clark Griswold (fictional dad in National Lampoon’s Vacation movies) / Mr. Mom (1983 film) / Single Dad Seeking (reality TV show on TLC)

NEVADA:  Who’s your daddy? (tie w/ RI) / When’s Father’s Day? / combover

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Archie Bunker (fictional dad on TV show All in the Family) / The Home Depot

NEW JERSEY:  #1 dad / hair transplant / hair transplant cost / follicular unit extraction / paternity leave / Daddy Warbucks (fictional character in Little Orphan Annie comic strip) / cordless snow blower / The Godfather (1972 film) / blood pressure monitor / nose hair trimmer / Antonio Cromartie (NFL player w/ 12 kids)

NEW MEXICO:  daddy long legs (spider) / transition lenses

NEW YORK:  hair loss / Minoxidil / Rogaine / Propecia / new dad gifts / Philip Banks (fictional dad on TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) / dad hats / custom dad hats / Obama dad jeans / leather daddy

NORTH CAROLINA:  leather recliner

NORTH DAKOTA:  gifts for dad / Chrysler (car brand) / barbecue grill

OHIO:  John Kasich (presidential candidate popular w/ dads) / My Two Dads (TV show) / dad poems / 8 Simple Rules (TV show) / Christmas Story lamp / “My Father’s Eyes” (song by Eric Clapton)

OKLAHOMA:  dad body / Taken 3 (2014 film) / Dr. Pepper 10 (just ten manly calories)

OREGON:  Wilco (rock band/dad band) / Dad’s Army (2016 film)

PENNSYLVANIA:  Does Rogaine work? / man cave signs / Max Wright (actor who played dad on TV show Alf) / Herman Munster (fictional dad on TV show The Munsters) / Tony Micelli (fictional dad on TV show Who’s the Boss?) / Ward Cleaver (fictional dad on TV show Leave it to Beaver) / model trains / beer / Al Bundy (fictional dad on TV show Married with Children)

RHODE ISLAND:  Who’s your daddy? (tie w/ NV) / dad gifts / Mrs. Doubtfire (1993 film) / Big Daddy (1999 film) 


SOUTH DAKOTA:  Three Men and a Baby (1987 film) / Chrysler Pacifica (minivan marketed to dads) / “Men’s Health” (magazine) / “Cat’s in the Cradle” (song by Harry Chapin) / cordless drill

TENNESSEE:  Mike Brady (fictional dad on TV show The Brady Bunch) / testosterone / AutoZone (automotive retail store chain)

TEXAS:  Father’s Day (tie w/ FL), Father’s Day (2011 movie), weight loss for men / father of the year / dad meme / dad tattoos / phone clip / donate sperm / dad pics / “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” (book by Meg Meeker)

UTAH:  Father of the Bride (1991 film) / Taken (2008 film) / Darth Vader (fictional dad in Star Wars movie series) / genealogy / Jim Gaffigan (comedian) / The Jim Gaffigan Show (American sitcom) / mustache / stay-at-home dad / “Dad Is Fat” (book by Jim Gaffigan) / Old Spice (brand)

VERMONT:  classic rock / George von Trapp (fictional dad in 1965 movie The Sound of Music) / woodworking / Eric Clapton / Ken Burns (filmmaker) / “Sh*t My Dad Says” (adapted work)

VIRGINIA:  Father of the Nation (George Washington) Dia del padre (Spanish for “Father’s Day”) / Daddy Yankee (singer-songwriter)

WASHINGTON:  divorce lawyers for men / shed plans / Bacon Salt / sperm bank / Father John Misty (singer-songwriter)

WEST VIRGINIA:  Dad / American Dad! (TV show) / The History Channel / “Daddy” (poem by Sylvia Plath) / dad quotes / Daddy’s Home (2015 film) / Danny Tanner (fictional dad on TV show Full House) / Lowe’s (retail company) / Advance Auto Parts (automotive chain store)

WISCONSIN:  deer hunting / professional wrestling holds / grilling / Tim “The Toolman” Taylor (fictional dad on TV show Home Improvement)

WYOMING:  man cave / recreational vehicle / Sirius Satellite Radio / chewing tobacco

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