U.S. States Most & Least Like Donald Trump

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Donald Trump is many things—a real estate tycoon, a presidential candidate, and an oompa loompa-colored man with cotton candy for hair. But whether you love him or hate him there’s one thing there’s no denying—he’s American, and as an American he has certain qualities shared by others in this country. But in exactly which U.S. states will you find people most like Donald Trump?

Estately used seven Donald Trump-specific metrics to rank each state. We then averaged those rankings to determine which states were most like the The Donald.

  1. Percentage of residents married three times or more (source: 2012 U.S. Census)
  2. Businesses offering spray tans per capita (source: YellowPages.com)
  3. Percentage of people who brag on social media (source: HeyLets.com)
  4. Billionaires per capita (source: Forbes)
  5. Total amount of campaign contributions to Donald Trump per capita (source: Federal Election Commission)
  6. Bankruptcies per capita for 2009-2014 (source: American Bankruptcy Institute)
  7. Percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in “Donald Trump for President (source: Facebook)


1. Nevada

Losing money in casinos wasn’t even on our list of criteria and Nevada still came in as the most similar state to Donald Trump. Nevada placed in the top 12 in six out of our seven categories, which is really something. Does this mean the state has a large population of clowns and losers? Or are they the most amazing people in the country?

2. Oklahoma

While the odds are small, there’s still a better chance of meeting your third wife while getting a spray tan if you live in Oklahoma than there is in other states.

3. Tennessee

When it comes to declaring bankruptcy, over the past five years Tennessee is the top state—to quote Donald Trump—to “use the laws of the country, the chapter laws, to do a great job for my company, for myself, for my family, et cetera.”

4. Florida

Donald Trump has owned homes in Florida, and had plenty of scrapes with his neighbors, so perhaps the real reason Floridians donate to his presidential campaign is because they hope he will take up residence in Washington, DC. Or else it’s because they see in him a kind of kindred spirit.

5. Kentucky

If you woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror and saw an orange face staring back at you you’d know what it feels like (metaphorically) to be a Kentucky resident. A fascinating thing about Kentucky is it has the third most residents who publicly express interest in a Trump presidency on Facebook. They’re admitting it publicly. Like, they want people to know.

6. Georgia

Another reason Georgia has so much in common with Donald Trump is because the state is famous for growing peanuts, and Donald Trump looks like a peanut.

7. Alabama

It’s not surprising so many states with high bankruptcy rates also have people with 3+ marriages. Divorce is expensive, and you can’t just build a wall around your house to avoid paying alimony payments. much less get your ex to pay for it.

8. Montana

With 147,000 square miles in its boundaries Montana is the yuuuugest state to be in the top 10. The absolute yuuuugest.

9. Wyoming

Part of the beauty of Wyoming is that it is very rich, or at least a few of the locals are. The state is home to six billionaires, which is the most per capita in America, a country Donald Trump intends to make great again. Donald Trump. The guy from that reality show where he fires people.

10. New Hampshire

One thing New Hampshire residents brag about on social media—and they brag more than most states—is that they donate money to Donald Trump, a billionaire who’s self-funding his campaign. That’s crazy.

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Ryan Nickum