Which Team Does Each State Want To Win The Super Bowl?

Ryan Nickum

Jan 16

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With just four teams left, the winner of Super Bowl XLIX will be the Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, or the Seattle Seahawks. If you’re a fan of one of those teams then you’re giddy knowing you may see your team host the Lombardi Trophy soon. Those who root for teams whose seasons are over must turn their attention to planning their Super Bowl parties and trying to decide which team to cheer for.

Every fan has their personal preferences, but here at Estately, we were curious if there were geographical trends when it came to which team people preferred. To determine what the most popular of the four teams left are in each state we turned to Facebook data. By crunching the numbers of those who show an interest in each team on Facebook we were able to determine the most popular team in each state. We learned Seahawks fans will find fellow football travelers throughout the Northwest, cheeseheads will find welcoming company in the Heartland and Southwest, Patriots fans will find sympathizers along the Eastern Seaboard and throughout much of the South, and the Colts will be cheered for in a narrow belt that parallels much of the Mississippi River.

And who knows? This information might be very useful for football fans trying to decide where to buy a home. And if not, we can at least guarantee that Estately.com will be incredibly useful to anyone trying to find a home.

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