What’s The Most Popular Cocktail In Each State?

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With the exception of Utah and Arkansas, Americans thirst for a variety of boozy concoctions. However, there are distinct regional differences when it comes to cocktail preference. Some states have embraced the resurgent cocktail culture, while others are content with a few traditional drinks. Estately used Google Trends to research how many internet users in each state Googled dozens of different cocktails to determine which one users had the most interest in. The results are interesting, particularly for cocktail enthusiasts trying to decide where to live and buy a home (preferably through Estately).


Alabama: Aside from the Mint Julep, the people of Alabama have limited interests in cocktails—39th overall. If only search results for the cocktail “Alabama Slammer” could be separated from searches related to area prisons.

Alaska: With so much available ice, you’d think Alaska would more interested in mixing drinks. The state ranks 40th overall, but with a Lebowski-worthy enthusiasm for the White Russian.

Arizona: ;Perhaps if Arizona expanded its cocktail horizons beyond the Tequila Sunrise it would rank higher than 26th.

Arkansas: The state has little interest in cocktails (45th), mostly because it has very little interest in booze. Half the counties in the state are dry, which complicates making mixed drinks. Those that do imbibe seem to prefer the Tom Collins, which your grandpa would approve of.

California: The Golden State comes in a respectable 4th for cocktail enthusiasm, and it’s especially interested in the Sidecar, which is basically a brandy Margarita made with lemon juice in place of lime juice. Like most things California does, Texas would not approve of this bastardization of the glorious Margarita. Despite the state’s knowledge of all things cocktail, California still Googles “rum and Coke recipe” more than any other state.

Colorado: Perhaps Colorado got a little too swept up in World Cup fever because the states most searched for cocktail is the Pisco Sour—very popular in Brazil. The state ranked 6th overall for cocktail interest and shows a distinct interest in the craft cocktail craze.

Connecticut: The 13th most cocktail-enthused state just barely prefers Cosmopolitans to Martinis. Maybe it just likes anything served in a Martini glass?

Delaware: Coming in 36th, it’s clear that Delaware is largely unaware of the wonderful world of cocktails. Perhaps that’s why they’re still drinking Cosmopolitans in 2014.

District of Columbia: The city’s residents are most interested in Sidecars, Gimlets, Martinis, and other old-school cocktails, and it places 7th overall for cocktail enthusiasm.

Florida: The Sunshine State loves Mojitos, Piña Coladas, and Tequila Sunrises, but is oddly disinterested in margaritas. Perhaps that’s why it only came in 24th.

Georgia: The Peach State is 22nd overall in our rankings, but it’s surprising its top-ranked search is for a Tom Collins. Seems like there would be a bourbon cocktail that would beat it.

Hawaii: The state is tops for Mai Tais and Piña Coladas, but is near the bottom when it comes to interest in most bourbon-based cocktails (27th overall). The state is near the bottom in searches for Tequila, but it’s tops for searches for Tila Tequila, which is shameful.

Idaho: The Gem State is part of America’s large White Russian Belt, but isn’t anywhere near the center of a craft cocktail renaissance (46th overall).

Illinois: Coming in 5th overall, Illinois has a high level of interest in nearly all cocktails, particularly the Martini.

Indiana: Despite being right next door to Illinois, Indiana (41st overall) doesn’t share its neighbors’ enthusiasm for cocktails. Maybe they prefer their liquor straight?

Iowa: As you read this, someone in a Davenport bar is uncomfortably ordering a Sex on the Beach for their grandmother for her birthday.

Kansas: Maybe Kansas is more of a beer state, or maybe Kansas residents are just sitting around drinking Chardonnay out of the box. Either way, they’re 37th when it comes to cocktail enthusiasm.

Kentucky: Kentucky is bourbon country, and the state stays true to its roots with its preference for Mint Juleps. After that, it appears Kentucky is content to order its bourbon neat, which may be why it is only 31st in our rankings.

Louisiana: The state is tops for Sazeracs, Hurricanes, and Daiquiris, and came in 8th overall. With its drive-thru Daiquiri stands and permissible public drinking laws, it’s surprising Louisiana doesn’t rank higher on the list. Maybe it’s because most residents don’t need the help of Google to make a cocktail.

Maine: Perhaps it’s just cranberry farmers trying to use their home-grown product, but the state’s top cocktail search is for Cosmopolitans (16th overall).

Maryland: Local residents particularly enjoy their Martinis and Black Russians, but they’re also into a broad array of other cocktails (17th overall).

Massachusetts: The Cocktail Capital of America, it seems Massachusetts residents are born with a cocktail shaker in their hand. The state places first for overall cocktail enthusiasm, and they do more Google searches than any other state for classics like the Martini, Dark ‘N’ Stormy, Gimlet, and Vesper.

Michigan: If you want to buy someone a drink in Michigan make it a Sex on the Beach since that’s the cocktails residents routinely search for online (35th overall).

Minnesota: In a Minnesota residents’ ideal world all those lakes would be full of Black Russians and Tom Collins (15th overall). On a side note, Minnesota residents do more searches for Bartles & James than those in other states.

Mississippi: Sex on the Beach narrowly beat out the Tom Collins for the state’s most Googled cocktail (33rd overall).

Missouri: The potent Long Island Iced Tea is the state’s most searched for cocktail, so maybe blacking out prevents residents from learning about other drinks online. Missouri, which is also tops for searches for “Molotov Cocktail,” which can’t be good (34th overall).

Montana: This is White Russian country (28th overall).

Nebraska: James Bond would have a hard time getting a drink in Nebraska (42nd overall) as the locals don’t care much for shaking or stirring when they’re pouring a drink. Nebraska does do more Google searches for “Peppermint Schnapps” than any other state.

Nevada: Modern-day Rat Packs in Nevada seem to prefer a Tom Collins over most other drinks (12th overall).

New Hampshire: New Hampshire drinks more alcohol than any other state, and its cocktail of choice is the Cosmopolitan (9th overall). Not only that, but the state is tops for searches for cocktail sauce.

New Jersey: The Garden State keeps it classy with its preference for Martinis (18th overall).

New Mexico: If you’re curious why New Mexico has low enthusiasm for cocktails (44th overall), it could be because their top two cocktail-related searches are for White Russians and Tequila Sunrises. That’s a combination that causes nothing but hangovers, heartbreak, and heartburn.

New York: Coming in 2nd overall, New York state is probably a place where residents order a cocktail as a chaser when they order a shot. It’s not surprising that New York is tops for searches for the Manhattan cocktail, but the state is also tops for Negronis and Tequila Sunrises, and it’s third for Piña Coladas.

North Carolina: No strong cocktail preferences in North Carolina, but it’s particularly interested in White Russians and Sake Bombs, and it comes in 21st overall for cocktail enthusiasm.

North Dakota: North Dakota drinks a ton of booze, but locals aren’t much interested in making cocktails with it. If they have to choose, Long Island Iced Tea comes out on top, until the next day when the drink makes North Dakota residents feel like they’re on the bottom (50th overall).

Ohio: Like North Dakota, Ohio residents prefer to not remember the nights when they drink cocktails. The state’s favorite cocktail search is for Long Island Iced Tea, and it comes in 29th overall for cocktail enthusiasm.

Oklahoma: This would be Tom Collins country if locals cared much for cocktails, which they don’t (38th overall).

Oregon: Portland’s bartenders and craft distillers might disagree, but Oregon comes in only 19th for cocktail enthusiasm. Perhaps some Oregonians are simply distracted by all the Willamette Valley wines and locally-produced craft beers.

Pennsylvania: The good news is Pennsylvania comes in 14th overall, and it loves a good Martini. The bad news is it’s also tops for Google searches for “Appletini,” “Flavored Fortified Wines,” “Smirnoff Ice,” and “Southern Comfort recipes.”

Rhode Island: The tiny state is part of America’s Martini Belt, which runs through much of the Northeast (11th overall).

South Carolina: Mint Julep was tops for South Carolina, but there weren’t measurable results on Google Trends for “Planters Punch” (25th overall).

South Dakota: In place of cocktails, most South Dakota bars offer pull tabs instead (51st overall/last place)

Tennessee: It was close, but the White Russian narrowly beat out a handful of others to be Tennessee’s most Googled cocktail (30th overall).

Texas: The Lonestar State is relatively alone in its supreme love of the Margarita. It’s the perfect combination of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice, and they make them so good in Texas the locals don’t bother to search for other cocktail recipes online (20th overall).

Utah: Google Trends doesn’t show results for “mocktail” or “non-alcoholic cocktails,” but if it did… (47th overall).

Vermont: Vermont’s favorite cocktails are White Russians and Cosmopolitans, which makes you wonder what would happen if Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude ever started dating? The state is 23rd overall for cocktail enthusiasm.

Virginia:  Virginia, the Pisco Sour State (32nd overall).

Washington: The 3rd most cocktail-enthused state overall, Washington state is cocktail drinker’s paradise. Local tastes tend toward bourbon drinks, particularly the Old Fashioned.

West Virginia: West Virginia does few internet searches for cocktail recipes (49th overall), but it is tops for Google searches for Jägermeister. So interpret that how you want.

Wisconsin: At the end of the alphabet you’ll find the havens for day drinkers, places where the Bloody Mary is an important part of this nutritious breakfast. Wisconsin is tops for Google searches for the tomato-based drink, as it is for other cocktails like the Grasshopper (10th overall).

Wyoming: The Cowboy State may not be big on cocktails, but if push comes to shove they’d like to start their day with one in the form of a Bloody Mary (48th overall).

Ryan Nickum