Three Cringeworthy Performances of the “12 Days of Christmas” by Realtors and One Kind of Funny One

Ryan Nickum

Dec 4

Real estate

It’s that time of year where business across this great land try to leverage the holiday season into publicity for themselves. We thought we’d share attempts made by those in the real estate industry to tie into holiday season with their own renditions of the 12 Days of Christmas. Prepare yourself for all kinds of awkward and a touch of humor…

1. “Super Funny 12 Days of Christmas” by Harcourts Sapphire Coast

This is the best one. By far. And not just because somebody gets egged.

2. “12 Days of REALTOR,” performed by Cache Rich Association of REALTORS

This is why some real estate companies routinely drug test their staff.

3. “The Twelve (7) Days of Christmas,” performed by Sue Eller of Eller’s Sellers

Bonus points for keeping it short.

4. “The 12 Days of Christmas Realtor Style,” performed by Century 21 Award agents

Hopefully, the money they saved on a videographer went into Christmas bonuses for the staff that was forced to perform this.

And to prove Estately isn’t completely sanctimonious, we’ve included our own cringe-worthy rendition of a Christmas classic below…


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was sleeping, except a chubby Corgi named Kraus

Our offer was sent in by our real estate agent with care

In hopes that the home owners would sell us their lair

–   –   –

Our mortgage broker was nestled all snug in his bed

While visions of lucrative commissions danced in his head

And mamma in her Star Wars pajamas, and I in my Rogaine-scented cap

Had just settled in for a long winter’s nap

–   –   –

When the vibrating cellphone unleashed such a clatter

I rolled over in our sleeper sofa to see what was the matter

The caller was our agent Darryl, just as expected

Calling to say our offer had been rejected

–   –   –

The moon shone on our rented apartment covered in new fallen snow

Reminding us we had no new home to go

When what should my wondering eyes suddenly see

But the fantastic real estate search site Estately

–   –   –

The site was simple, so speedy, so incredbily quick

And with more homes than other search sites it would do just the trick

More rapid than eagles the affordable listings came

And I shouted out to each member of the family by name

–   –   –

Now Rita, now Maxwell, now Kenneth and Lenny

On Chester and Mildred on Zeke and Wendy

Come quickly to the laptop, an abundance of ideal real estate listings abound

Now look at it—a home in our desired school district I found

–   –   –

The curb appeal was considerable, especially for the price

And the yard was so spacious, the landscaping quite nice 

So we clicked on the large photo, to reveal the inside

And prayed the interior had nothing to hide

–   –   –

And the twinkling interior, provided the proof

That the house wasn’t designed by some architectural goof

The kitchen was spacious, with room to move around

And a dog door in back for Kraus to race outside with a bound

–   –   –

This home how it sparkled, it’s ceiling so tall

And what other wonders might there be down the hall?

There was a grand bedroom for the parents, and one for each kid

And even an extra for Rita’s deadbeat brother Sid

–   –   –

Each bathroom’s decor was tasteful to say the least

And the Feng Shui was exceptional, with each toilet facing east

The fitness room was well ventilated so it wouldn’t turn smelly

And convenient exercise options to keep us from turning to jelly

–   –   –

The family room was carpeted from wall to wall

As were the staircases, which soften the blow if you fall

Conveniently located, so the commute would be quick

And the chimney so wide so there’ll be room for St. Nick

–   –   –

The family jointly decided, that this should be home

So we clicked “Create a Showing” and filled out the form

An agent then called us, and the house we did see

And our offer was accepted, we owe it all to Estately

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