29 Superior Names for Warren Buffett’s New Real Estate Company

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Billionaire Warren Buffett‘s company Berkshire Hathaway just purchased the Prudential and Real Living real estate franchise and announced a new brokerage featuring his company’s name. Henceforth, the new brand will be called Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

The purchase signals the Oracle of Omaha is declaring the housing market is back, and while the real estate industry has rejoiced at the news, many have wondered if Buffett dropped the ball when it came to the choice of company name. Critics suggested the name should be clearer in what the company is, include dated pop culture references, or specifically pander to home buyers in just Ohio.

Some suggested names included…

  1. Warren’s All-You-Can-Eat Real Estate Buffet
  2. Buffett the Real Estate Slayer
  3. Bust-to-Boom Realty
  4. Wizards of Real Estate
  5. Above Water Homes
  6. Warren’s Homes for Less
  7. Estately (Nice try, Warren, but this fantastic name is already taken. Please stop calling us begging for a merger)
  8. Warren B’s G-Funk Home Sales
  9. Oracles of Home Sales
  10. Straight Cash Money Realty
  11. Main Street Realty
  12. Donald Trump-Free Real Estate
  13. OMG LOL YOLO Homes for Sale and Other Totes Rad Stuff
  14. Dude, Stop Living in Your Car Realty
  15. Real Estate Bubble Yum
  16. Curbish Appealings
  17. Fanny Maybe?
  18. Houses for Aspiring Home Owners
  19. Stop Renting and Break Up With Your Landlord Forever Inc.
  20. Home Is Where the Mortgage Is
  21. Cribs by Warren Buffett
  22. McRealty
  23. This Old House for Sale and Some Newer Ones
  24. Deals on Domiciles
  25. Budget Basements
  26. Lil’ Shop of Homesteads
  27. Lotta Brands Real Estate
  28. Houses and Condos and Townhouses, Oh My!
  29. RealPrudeServices

Ryan Nickum