How much does it cost to buy a cabin in western Washington?

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Whether it’s an A-frame in the woods, a vacation cabin on the coast, or a ski cabin in the mountains, Washington State is a popular place to buy a cabin. However, prices for Washington cabins vary greatly by location so Estately analyzed cabin sales from the past year to determine the median sale price for cabins in each western Washington county. Our numbers showed King County and San Juan County were the most expensive counties to buy a cabin, and Pacific County and Grays Harbor County were the most affordable.

Does population density impact prices?

Yes. Overall, counties with greater population density were generally more expensive than counties with less. So if you’re looking for a cabin in proximity to Seattle prepare to pay up for it. If a remote cabin miles from civilization strikes your fancy then prepare to save a bundle.

Are island cabins more expensive?

Yes. If you hoped the remoteness of the San Juans would equal affordability you will be very disappointed. Maybe it’s because of all the ample waterfront property or the water views, but islands are among the priciest places to buy a cabin.

Do Bigfoot sightings affect prices?

Kind of an odd thing to consider, but there’s a correlation between low prices and reported sightings of the mythical Sasquatch. Of the ten least-expensive counties for cabins all but one were also in the top ten western Washington counties for Bigfoot sightings (according to statistics by The Bigfoot Field Research Organization). So that’s something to consider..

Looking to buy a vacation cabin in Washington State?

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