Want to run away and live in seclusion? This quiz will tell you which remote location is right for you.

Does the state of the world leave you longing to run away from it all and sequester yourself in a small, remote cabin far, far away? Join the club! While most people overcome with dread can agree that fleeing is a reasonable option, the decision of where to flee to varies depending on your personality and preferences. That’s why Estately Real Estate Search created this helpful quiz to assist you in determining where exactly you should move to when you run away from it all.

What gives you the most anxiety?

Which of these mythical creatures would you most like to hang out with?

Which of these is your preferred way to relax?

Which beverage is most appealing?

Which of these horror films do you find LEAST terrifying?

What's your ideal weekend?

Which of these would be your preferred neighbor?

What are you running from?