How much do homes cost within walking distance of MLB stadiums?

Baseball season is finally upon us, which got us at Estately wondering what it costs to live within walking distance of a Major League Baseball stadium? We crunched real estate listing data for homes (houses/condos/townhouses) within two miles of each stadium that were listed for sale in March to determine the median list price.

The results show San Francisco Giants fans would have to cough up the most money to live near their stadium—a whopping $1,197,000. That’s enough to buy 171,000 beers at AT&T Park. On the other end of the spectrum, Kansas City Royals fans can live within walking distance for just $100,000, which would buy 20,000 beers at Kauffman Stadium.

The cities with the most expensive homes tend to be among the teams with highest 2017 payrolls. The exceptions include 9th ranked San Diego, which has the 28th lowest payroll, and the Detroit Tigers, which is ranked 23rd, but has the 3rd highest payroll.

Speaking of payroll, the Detroit Tigers could buy 1,014 area homes for the cost of their 2017 payroll, whereas the overly-frugal San Diego Padres could afford only 113 area homes with their meager payroll.

For Cincinnati home buyers on the fence about buying a home near Great American Ball Park, be aware that one could instead buy 231,920 hot dogs at the stadium for the same price.

For the price of a home near Wrigley Field—home of 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs—one could buy 1,100 tons of peanuts wholesale. Seattle Mariners fans could order nearly 900,000 1-ounce boxes of Cracker Jacks on Amazon for the price of a home near Safeco Field. Texas Rangers fans looking for something a little less conventional for the price of a home near Global Life Park in Arlington could buy 4,800 Most Valuable Tamales, a giant tamale filled with a 2-foot hot dog and then covered in chili and nacho cheese.

Regardless of who you root for, if you think buying a home is a wiser investment than purchasing massive quantities of beer and ball park food then check out or the Estately iPhone App. Both are simple, fast tools to help you find your dream home.