Election-related searches each state Googled more frequently than any other state in the past month

Ryan Nickum

Nov 8

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After what seems like an eternity, Election Day is finally here. Voters have had ample opportunity to consider each candidate, and they’ve been busy learning more about all candidates online. Here at Estately, we wanted to find out what election-related search queries people in each state Googled more frequently than others over the past month. Who knows? It might just help you decide where to buy your next home.

To do this, we compiled hundreds of common election-related questions and topics Americans Google, and then ran those searches through Google Trends to determine which state queried each of these selected searches the most over the past month. To be clear, the list below does not represent what each state Googles the most overall, it simply shows the searches each state Googled more frequently than the other 49 states and the District of Columbia over the past 30 days.

ALABAMA:  Deplorables for Trump / What happens if Trump wins? / judgment

ALASKA:  Federal Bureau of Investigation / Obama approval rating / Drudge Report / David Pumpkins / Anderson Cooper / Groping

ARIZONA:  Congress approval rating / John McCain age / Trump anti-semitic / Is Bill Clinton dying? / City Council election

ARKANSAS:  Trump lewd remarks 

CALIFORNIA:  Trump ISIS plan / Mike Pence withdrawal / Jill Stein investments / Jill Stein memes / Biden vs. Trump / Why is Trump racist? / Can Democrats win the Senate? / AARP voter guide

COLORADO:  Trump server Russia / 538.com electoral map / Trump newspaper endorsements / voter guide / Focus on the Family voter guide

CONNECTICUT:  Kellyanne Conway SNL / KKK endorses Trump / Donald Trump endorsements / Trump quotes / Where is Jon Stewart? / Trump economic plan

DELAWARE:  Donald Trump / LA Times poll / Trump Twitter / electoral fraud / Will Trump win? / voter intimidation

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Hatch Act / ABC Tracking Poll / Donna Brazile / bad hombre shirt

FLORIDA:  Bloomberg Poll Florida / Bill Clinton rednecks / Who will win senate? / Putin Clinton war / Trump properties / Gingrich vs. Kelly / Tim Kaine harmonica / Christians for Clinton / Christian voter guide

GEORGIA:  Nathan Deal colored

HAWAII:  IBF poll / Why vote?

IDAHO:  How to vote? / nasty woman mug

ILLINOIS:  Marco Rubio shoes / Mike Pence statement

INDIANA:  Bobby Knight Trump

IOWA:  Donald Trump accusers / Joe Biden memes / Jill Stein vaccines

KANSAS:  Obamacare rate increases / Bill O’Reilly Poll

KENTUCKY:  Kellyanne Conway Twitter / Operation Mockingbird / Clinton conspiracy / Trump endorsements / grief counseling

LOUISIANA:  David Duke debate / donate to Donald Trump / Is Trump racist? / Is the election rigged?

MAINE:  Russian hackers / The Case Against Hillary Clinton / Trump groping women

MARYLAND:  James Comey height / Comey Hatch Act / Michelle Obama Versace / KKK newspaper / Donna Brazile Wikileaks / election anxiety

MASSACHUSETTS:  Impeach Hillary / Nate Silver Colbert / Gary Johnson fake heart attack / Curt Schilling rally / Trump insults

MICHIGAN: Trump quotes funny / Trump that bitch / Pantsuit Nation

MINNESOTA:  Repeal Obamacare / Trump hot microphone / Jill Stein band / Can Democrats win the House? / Clinton Wall Street speeches

MISSISSIPPI:  Bill Clinton black son / Jessica Leeds photos

MISSOURI:  Scott Foval fired / Hillary Clinton conspiracy

MONTANA:  Presidential polls / Trump book report / Trump Russia / Hillary Clinton health

NEBRASKA:  Mike Pence plane / celebrity endorsements

NEVADA:  Wikileaks Podesta emails / early voting results / Charles M. Blow / Democrats for Trump / Bikers for Trump

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Breitbart / Democratic National Committee / Project Veritas video / SNL 3rd debate / Chelsea Clinton / Bill Clinton accusers / latest polls / Donald Trump groping / bad hombres / I’m with her

NEW JERSEY:  Bill Clinton dying / rigged meaning / Anthony Weiner email / Trump mask / Hillary Clinton accomplishments

NEW MEXICO:  FBI internal feud / Oregon militia / Tim Kaine Spanish

NEW YORK:  Russian hackers DNC / Biden on Weiner / Mike Pence revolution / sad Trump / voter intimidation law / Politifact Clinton Foundation / Lena Dunham rap / down ballot races

NORTH CAROLINA:  early voting locations / Megyn Kelly Newt / Donate to Hillary / Malik Obama / conservative voter guide

NORTH DAKOTA:  Donald Trump video / Arianne Zucker / Rasmussen Reports / Scott Foval / Ken Bone meme / Donald Trump age / CNN Electoral Map / pay to play / crooked Hillary / media bias / Corey Lewandowski

OHIO:  Trump election rigged / reasons to vote for Clinton / Hillary Jay Z / Can Donald Trump read? / Is Politifact biased? / What happens if Trump loses?

OKLAHOMA:  Is Hillary a lesbian? / Christians for Trump / Joe Exotic for President


PENNSYLVANIA:  Paul Ryan heckled / Is Trump the antichrist? / KKK endorsement / Jason Chaffetz Twitter / Clinton murders Politifact / Donald Trump accomplishments / voting booth image / Corey Lewandowski CNN

RHODE ISLAND:  Billy Bush / Ken Bone Reddit / Uma Aberdeen (common way people misspell Huma Abedin’s name when Googling her)

SOUTH CAROLINA:  Chris Christie meme

SOUTH DAKOTA:  What does deplorable mean? / Project Veritas / Hillary Clinton age / “Clinton Cash” / When is the election? / Meghan McCain / Reince Prebus

TENNESSEE: The Crusader KKK / Donate to Clinton / Hillary for jail / Republicans for Clinton / down ballot

TEXAS:  stress eating / What is lying? / bigly dictionary / Mike Huckabee Jaws / Trump mask Walmart / Ted Cruz and Kevin (from The Office) / hate speech definition / media bias chart / election violence / grounds for divorce / When will the election end?

UTAH:  Evan McMullin / Who will win election? / Donna Brazile resigns / reasons to vote for Trump

VERMONT:  Melania Trump / pussy bow / pussy bow shirt / Podesta Wikileaks / Wikileaks Clinton emails / FiveThirtyEight / How to move to Canada? / Huma Abedin / 270 to win / gerrymandering / Trump TV / nasty women / Grab them by the pussy

VIRGINIA:  Tim Kaine mistress / Gary Johnson stunt / election party / Tim Kaine young / Clinton economic plan

WASHINGTON:  Basket of Adorables / Hillary Clinton stamina / sad Ted Cruz / projected electoral college / NRA Voting Guide / election drinking game / progressive voter guide / bad hombre meme

WEST VIRGINIA:  Obama erection video / Ken Bone video / Donald Trump cocaine / donate to Trump / Electoral College map / Make America Great Again

WISCONSIN:  Freedom Caucus

WYOMING:  lascivious behavior / Wikileaks / Where to vote? / rigged election / FBI reopens Clinton / Bill Clinton balloons / pathological lying / Trump or Clinton / Clinton or Trump / Debbie Wasserman Schultz