#1 Reason To Buy A Home In Texas—Party Barns!

Ryan Nickum

Feb 4

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You could move to Texas for the strong economy, delicious BBQ, or the countless Sonic and Whataburger locations, but the best reason to relocate to the Lone Star State is because it has the highest number of party barns in all of the U.S.A.

From the Hill Country around Austin to the Piney Woods of the Northeast, Texas is the premier state when it comes to partying it up in barns. Perfect for wedding celebrations, Super Bowl parties, or a midweek karaoke show, the party barns of Texas provide the ultimate at-home entertainment space. We’ve selected 10 of the most unique party barns currently for sale from our Texas real estate listings. One of them may just be the deciding factor in whether you move to Texas or not.

1) Austin, TX—$1,200,000

This lake house ensures the beer is always cold, even when you’re fishing from the dock. View photos of the entire home HERE.


2) Floresville, TX—$10,000,000

The former home of Gov. John B. Connally, this high-end party barn comes with a skeet range, fish camp, and even zebras roaming the property. View photos of the entire compound HERE.


3) Justin, TX—$2,500,000

This 55-acre equestrian property comes with all the comforts a cowboy could require, including its own saloon. View the entire property HERE.


4) Tyler, TX—$394,900

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including this sizable party barn with band area, saloon, and dance floor. View photos of the whole property HERE.


5) Von Ormy, TX—$1,950,000

This sophisticated ranch home comes with a chic, 1,500-square-foot party barn, and they even let a cow in, although there does appear to be something wrong with it. View photos of the entire ranch property HERE.


6) Boerne, TX—$875,000

Not only does this 59-acre estate come with its own party barn, it also promises an additional barn for a man cave, as well as great views and large herd of whitetail deer. View it all HERE.


7) Campbell, TX—$1,500,000

Even if you suddenly grow tired of hanging out at the bar, this 69-acre property includes its own private lake stocked with fish, plenty of game birds to hunt, and another barn for the horses.


8) Possum Kingdom Lake, TX—$899,000

If you’re looking for a party, Possum Kingdom comes positively littered with party barns. This lakeside party barn makes the ideal place to relax after a day of fishing. View the rest of the property HERE.


9) Kaufman, TX—$895,000

This 2,000-square-foot party barn comes with its own kitchen, TV and game rooms, bunk beds and more. Check out the rest of the property HERE.


10) Terrell, TX—$749,000

This party cantina comes with its own wet bar and game room. View the rest of the property HERE.



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