My Estately — Extreme Makeover!

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With our latest release, we are allowing consumers to collaborate with friends and family on their home search; every Estately account now comes with the ability to share saved properties, notes on properties, and saved searches with friends and family members and to solicit feedback from them!

Here are some ways to use My Estately sharing:

1. You and your significant other are looking for a new place. Now, each of you can have your own account while, at the same time, collaborating! Write notes on each others saved properties. See what homes your special someone has been looking at recently.

2. Need some input from your friends or family on your first buy? Invite them to look at your saved properties and leave notes on them.

3. Are you an social networking butterfly? Link to your My Estately page on your website/blog/Facebook/wherever!

So what are we trying to achieve with this release? Simple: share; collaborate. Your quest for a new home doesn’t have to be intimidating, especially when you’ve got your friends and family behind you, providing their thought and insight during your search.