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I have always had a horrible memory, but recently technology has made it even worse. I only remember keywords now and whenever I want to remember something, I search my computer or my gmail (I write myself memory emails). I think a lot of people are like me in this respect. So when I look at one of the 42,643 homes for sale in Washington (or the 3,388 homes for sale in Seattle alone), I only remember the ones with dramatic photos (good or bad).

There is a better way

Add a note to the property. Once you learn more about it, add another. As you go along, you’ll collect a nice inventory of information about the homes in a neighborhood and you’ll (almost) never forget what you know about a house.

Questions you can now answer:

  • “Was this the one that could politely be described as a “fixer?” “Yep!”
  • “What did we think of this one when we saw it? It says here we liked it, but our agent thought it was priced about $40,000 too high.”

Your notes are searchable

Full text search already let you search pretty much everything you see on the details page for a home – the agent comments, the amenities, and pretty much everything else. Your notes are included in text search too. Take notes with the confidence you can find them again through a quick, dynamic search.

Step 1: Find a house and type a note

notes on real estate listings

Step 2: Add a note. Rinse and repeat if necessary

Adding notes to properties

You don’t have to be logged in to give it a try – just pull up a home and add a note.