Portland Real Estate Search: Now 100% Less Scary


Oct 31

Real estate

For one final day, searching for real estate in Portland is scary. If you turn to a comprehensive MLS-based website, addresses are hidden. They lurk unseen until you call an agent or get in your car and drive by (Eeek!). It’s also a total pain-in-the-butt to look at a home, see where it is on the map, but not know the exact address without calling your agent. Agents should be helpful professionals, not address-producing machines.

The other choice for a home seeker was an even spookier road: to search on non-MLS affiliated sites. These sites show homes that are no longer for sale (Aaaaaah! A scary tease!) and loads of homes that are for sale are lurking there on their pretty maps unmarked. The spooky thing: these homes won’t even jump out at you – they are there, lurking in the shadows like Freddy, but unlike Freddy, they’ll never show their face.

The RMLS (Oregon’s biggest MLS) was one of the last major MLSes to allow the display of addresses and we’re pleased to be the first website in Portland with no compromises: you can see the most comprehensive list of homes for sale AND you can see the addresses on those homes. As promised, we are going live with addresses for Oregon at midnight tonight.